Go Fish NFP is a nonprofit organization started by two University of Missouri (Mizzou) college students, a brother and sister team, Jerome and Kimani Jones, with the hopes of making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Through community service and involvement, they aim to bring hope to the hopeless, impact the lives of victims of abuse and domestic violence, and promote positive behaviors in youth and young adults through education and mentor-ship programming. Our mission is to serve humanity with a purpose. We can make a difference in the world, one act of kindness at a time. Click here to visit the Go Fish NFP Facebook Page 

Go Fish NFP was the 2016 recipient of the J.U.S.T. Business Achievement Award

Options for Youth’s mission is to expand opportunities for under served youth by developing programs that build upon the strengths and maximize the potential of each young person. Through intense education, ongoing individual support, and employment in community outreach, plus a long-term commitment to each young person, OFY is changing life trajectories of at-risk youth. With more than 25 years of service to Chicago’s youth, OFY strives to improve life options for teen mothers who have a baby before the age of 18, and teenage boys who live and go to school in under served and dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. OFY helps young people take initial steps to break the cycle of poverty in their lives and communities. Click here to visit the Options For Youth Website

Options For Youth was the 2017 recipient of the J.U.S.T. Business Achievement Award

Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program provides girls (7-17 years old) with the opportunity of learning the vital life skill of effective communication. Our Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring program instills confidence in girls to face the challenges of daily life by substituting aggressive forms of communicating and problem solving with new strategies that allow them to gain a solid reputation and respect without retaliating. Click here to visit the Polished Pebbles Website

Polished Pebbles was the 2018 recipient of the J.U.S.T. Business Achievement Award.

Plan4Success mission is to allow minority individuals to become more responsible, increasingly productive and bigger contributors to our society as a whole.  We are building a network of community organizations for our youth to explore to increase visibility and potential of participation and growth.  All youth who demonstrate the discipline of basic respect, want to learn something new to enhance success for the future, or organizations willing to share resources for the greater good, join us to Participate to Learn how to take Action and Network. Click here to visit the PLAN4SUCCESS Website

PLAN4Success was the 2020 recipient of the J.U.S.T. Business Achievement Award.

Ladies of Virtue mission is to instill purpose, passion, and perseverance in girls, ages 9 to 18, while preparing them for college, careers and to become change agents in their communities. The organization match their participants with mentors and prepare them for leadership through our culturally relevant character building, career readiness and civic engagement curriculum. In addition, Ladies of Virtue provide project management, collaboration and communication training via their two to four month project experiences to empower girls to lead in the modern workforce. After graduating from high-school, with successful completion of our leadership program, participants are mentored and supported for six additional years as LOV 4 Life alumni. Please visit Ladies of Virtue website at wwww.lovchicago.org.

Ladies of Virtue was the 2021 recipient of the J.U.S.T. Business Achievement Award